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Capacitive Current and Standby Loss for the Phase Perfect® 240V Digital Phase Converter

Posted by Phase Technologies on May 17, 2018 5:10:59 PM


The PHASEPERFECT® 240V Digital Phase Converter utilizes filter capacitors to reduce electronic switching noise that is created by the active switching technology employed in its architecture. These filter capacitors cause the system to circulate reactive power. The purpose of this white paper is to explain what capacitive current (power) is, how it affects standby losses, and why measured standby current does not equate to consumed power and is not billed for by the utility.

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Output Voltage Explained - 2XD Series VFDs

Posted by Phase Technologies on May 16, 2018 3:19:07 PM

Output Voltage Explained
2XD Series Variable Frequency Drives

The output voltage for a 2XD Series VFD Drive is generally less than 480V. Voltage drops occur through output filters, input filters, and line losses; these are common phenomenon and should not be a cause for concern under most circumstances.

 For Phase Technologies voltage doubling 2XD Series VFD Drives equipped with an output filter, the estimated actual output voltage (for a given input voltage and output current) is shown in the table below.

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